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Goa: Liberation, Invasion, Annexation debate

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The blindest are the ones who refuse to see. Livia de Abreu Noronha July 5, 2002

Even diehard Goan critics of Portugal have become turn coats, applying to reclaim their Portuguese Nationality. Paulo Colaço-Dias July 4, 2002

Nitin Singh's convenient and selective quotes! Gabriel Figuereido: July 4, 2002

My turn now, Mr. Farooqui!  Nitin Singh: June 24, 2002

Freedom Fighters or bandits?         Francisco Monteiro: June 8, 2002

Nitin Singh's limp defence of India and his myopic vision of Goa. Imran Farooqui: June 3, 2002

Ineffective Indian blockade of Goa, Hippies and a communal harmony that came into being. Nitin Singh: May 25, 2002

Is Goa Liberated?
Livia de Abreu Noronha: May 24, 2002

Even if Mr. Prabhudesai “doesn’t miss an opportunity to slam the Portuguese”......TGF Nitin Singh: May 24, 2002

Goans in need of a quantum shift. S.Badwal: May 23,  2002

TGF! refrain from summarily rejecting any points of view !                                    Harbans Singh: May 23, 2002

Sometimes, it helps to read carefully!  TGF:  May 22, 2002

TGF's post has fallacies. Nitin Singh:        May 21, 2002

I disagree with Imran's viewpoint.
Nitin Singh: May 16, 2002

Why TGF disagrees with some of Imran's views. TGF May 16, 2002

TGF! Why do you disagree with my views?
Imran Farooqui: May 15, 2002


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  Why the Debate 2 - a response to Harbans
TGF: May 13, 2002

The so called Liberation of Goa
Imran Farooqui: May 11, 2002

Why the Debate - a response to JC
Harbans Singh: May 11, 2002

So then, WHY.....the nagging debate?
José Colaço : May 3, 2002

At least Goans look like Indians!
Nitin Singh : Apr 21, 2002

Nehru acted for the best
Harbans Singh:  Apr 20, 2002

Goans wanted autonomy!
Lino Leitao: Apr 15, 2002

Were Goans ever given a choice? NO!
Gabriel de Figueiredo: Apr 15, 2002

Dual Citizenship!
Harbans Singh: April 1, 2002

It was a show of strength.
Gabriel de Figueiredo: Mar 21, 2002

GOA was to be a NATO base !
Harbans Singh:  Mar 19, 2002

THE BIG LET DOWN - a TGF editorial
June 18, 2001

Are Goans truly liberated?
a TGF editorial June 18, 2001

General Vassalo e Silva, the last Portuguese Governor of Goa. He worked hard for the development of Goa, resisted Salazar's orders, saved Goa from destruction, and suffered as a result.  Are Goans being told anything about him? June 4, 2002


The 1975 Treaty between Portugal and India

Since the 1975 reproachment Portugal has afforded India significant assistance with regards to access to the European Economic Community.


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