The Great Goan Kashti

For the uninitiated i.e. non-Goans, the kashti may mean very little. Some might even know that it is often used as a loin cloth by the hard working toddy tappers as they ascend those tall Goan coconut trees.  What a wonderful view it must be ..... from the top of the coconut trees!

In any event, let us once and for all, accept what the Great Goan Kashti truly is and signifies. it is the National Flag of Goa. The most outstanding feature is the great divide in the centre.

It signifies the divisions we normally see in Goan society between: Goans and non-Goans, Hindus and Catholics, Upper Castes and lower, Believers and Agnostics, Environmentalists and Industrialists, Politicians and Honesty, Folks from Salcette (South Goa) and Bardez (North Goa), Konkani speakers and Marathiwadis,  Konkani and the Imposed S-Konkani, and views to the left and those to the right.

Here is to the Great Goan Kashti!


1. Unlawful banning of the Great Goan Kashti -  Dr. Santosh Helekar

2. Kashti: The Goan Flag - Livia de Abreu Noronha

3. Kashti: A vignette from Velim - Ben Antao

4. More Kashti thoughts:

    The kashti more liberating even than the string bikini!-Victor Rangel-Ribeiro

    It reveals more and hides less - William da Silva

    With their well calloused buttocks exposed - Aloysius D'Souza

    I recall my grandfather wearing and living in his kashti -Vivian A. D'Souza

October 25, 2002

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