Honrado Goemcars

This is by no means the complete list of Great Goans, only the first step towards an exhaustive list. With time, we hope to add more names to this list. These are but a few of the many Goans who have given Goa the reputation of producing some of the most sophisticated, cultured and accomplished individuals in the world.

Despite the instability and confusion which accompanies invasions - and Goa has been subject to a catalogue of invasions and the resultant suppression, Goans have managed to be surprisingly open and direct about their feelings.

Here are some of the countless Great Goans we know about:

Francisco Luis Gomes, Dr. Pundalik Gaitonde

Dr. Froilano de Mello

Jose Inacio Loyola

Francisco Correia-Afonso,  Purxotoma Quenim, Fr. Chico Monteiro

Prof. Antonio Figueiredo  (em Português),   Antonio Caetano Pacheco (em Português)

Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar

Hugo D'Souza, Propercia Correia-Afonso, Constacio Roque Monteiro(em Português)

Francis Newton D'Souza

Dr. Julião Menezes , Dr Joao Filipe do Rego

(list being updated)

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