Happy Birthday TGF and Happy World Goa Day 2006
The Abbe Faria Stamp issued by Portugal

In the spirit of Goans International, we at The Goan Forum once again celebrate World Goa Day 2006, and salute its driving force Mr. Rene Baretto and the various Goan Communities celebrating this very auspicious day for ALL over the world.

TODAY is also our 6th Anniversary. We launched this website on August 20, 2000.

Much has happened for Goans, and much is happening in Goa; some positive, some not.

The constant refrain has had the following elements in it:  Goans are becoming a minority in Goa, the classy Goan culture is being diluted, Goa is becoming increasingly polluted and corrupt etc. And then comes a state of shock when a young teenager in allegedly murdered by his friends.

But we as a community need to move ahead together.  That does not mean that we have to be herded into one closet. It surely does not.  That would lead to monopoly, mind control, censorship and intellectual dictatorship. We have had enough of that nonsense.

Opposition to monopoly, mind control, censorship and intellectual dictatorship is why The Goan Forum was formed in the first place.

Much positive change has occurred since 1999.  For starters, Goan Associations around the world have started  an albeit (presently) loose alliance under the determined leadership of Rene Baretto and his colleague leaders. We wish the various Goan associations around the world - all the very best.

It is time however, to move to step 2.

Step 1 was essential...very essential.  Goans around the world chose a day and called  call it their own. That day is August 20th - since the year 2000, known to Goans and their well wishers around the world, as World Goa Day.  As expected, Goa Day celebrations took a festive look.  There were dances, parties, get-togethers with Goan food and Goan sorro(caju).

But, now is the time to move to step 2.

There are several ideas that Goans may wish to consider for this important step 2. Some of them are listed here:

1. Goans must endeavour to work extra hard to further improve their lot and that of their children. This might involve us expanding and improving our educational and technical expertise. The world is a marketplace of opportunity. Goans need to be even better prepared to take full advantage of those opportunities.

2. Instead of merely complaining about the newly arrived corruption in Goa, Goans must resolve to NOT to partake in it. We had the reputation of being 'honradh'. Many of us still do. No need to join the corruption brigade.

Will there be inconvenience for us IF we do not go along with the bribe demands? Sure there will be some, or perhaps...more. But IF all of us resolve NOT to participate in corruption, there will be a major dent.

3. IF we really love our Goa, as we claim to, we will give back to Goa a small bit of what we earn. Every cent counts - but let's give more than a cent's worth, please. TGF understands that Goans were rightly worried about giving money to charities in India. There is a certain discomfort in not knowing where the hard earned dollars go, or if they go into the pockets of any political hack.

No need to worry about that anymore. If we do not have our own mechanisms to contribute, We could use the good offices of Goa Sudharop. Let's help the less fortunate among us with as much as our generosity will allow.

4. Our mother tongue, Konkani is being decimated by vested interests. All we need to remember is that "They" (the vested interests) cannot take away our Konkani from us, if we do not give it (and give in) to them.

There are lots of look alike Rolex watches in the market place. They are not Rolex!. There are lots of imposter 'Vindaloos', 'Goan Fish Curries' and 'Goa Fenies' in the market place. We know that they are not our  Goan specialties.

Let's use the same standards for our Konkani. Let them call their imposter stuff, any thing they wish. They cannot fool us about our mother tongue.

If Goans are really serious about their Konkani, they will refuse to use the imposter in their homes and in their churches. Use English at home and attend English church services. The imposter will (hopefully) get the hint and leave - at least from church services.

5. Goans would do well to encourage Goan authors and Goan businesses - not only abroad, but also in Goa itself. Our support for each other can only help us as a community.

6. We Goans should only support CLEAN restaurants in Goa. Market forces will eventually do to those restaurants in Goa what the 'Hepatitis epidemic' did but the Goan authorities did not.

7. We Goans have been given a raw deal by the Indian Press and the Indian film industry. We are portrayed as a lazy drunk people with loose women. We need to honour our own greats, not so mush for the benefit of the ignorant patracars but also for the benefit of our children. In that regard, TGF remains grateful to the Postal Department of Portugal for issuing the stamp honouring the father of hypnotism, Abbe Faria, a Goan.

There are many more of our honrado Goans that we need to honour. That we must do.

Once again, Thank You Rene Baretto, Basilio Magno, Oscar Furtado and Goans from associations around the world ....for helping Make This Happen!

Happy Birthday World Goa Day


TGF on its 6th birthday.
August 20, 2006

Abbe Faria Postal honour

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