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This is us....the Colaços of Nassau. Ema & José,  Allan & Vanessa,  Lavina & Noel and Lynette.

The Colaços are originally from the area of Old Goa. Like the Barros, the Sé Cathedral, Old GoaFalcao, deSa and Valladares families, the Colaços are happy to be the Concanim and English speaking "zoncars of Carambolim".


After the plague which destroyed Old Goa, its magnificent buildings and churches (above), the Colaco family settled in the south Goa village of Velim (below).  We are now  based in Nassau, Bahamas.    


The green green fields of home

the Colaço family house in Velim

We are pleased to present this site. We sincerely hope that you enjoy surfing through this site. Would you like to submit something special you have written? or do you just have a comment about any of the articles on this site which may have caught your attention?  If so,  please remember now that we'd love to hear from you.

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Noel and Luv : wedding pictures

Allan and Vanessa : wedding pictures

Our view of The Bahamas

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