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Konknni Puroskar(1999) - Francisco Alves 

Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr has chosen Fr. Peter Cardoso as the recipient of their Jezvit Antonio Konknni Puroskar for 1999. This award was given on 27 October 1999, at a public function organized at Pilar. The award consists of Rs. 20,000/- and being honoured with a shawl and a special memento.

Fr. Cardoso has been chosen this year for his long and ardent efforts to promote Konkani music in churches, operas and in different fields. He has composed music for the operas "Agnel Onond Goycho", "Kallokant Uzvadd", "Mahan Porgottnnar Goycho Saib" (life of St. Francis Xavier) and "Hem Mhojem Ghor" which were presented in Goa and in Mumbai. He has composed and produced nine audio cassettes. Some of them are "Agnel Onond Goycho", "Devalim Dennim", "Vakhannínni", "Novem Git", "Mahan Porgottnnar", etc. He has given three concerts of Indian and Western fusion music in New York. He was one of the conductors of the choir during Pope John Paul IIís visit to Goa in 1986.

Fr Peter was a professor of music in Pilar Seminary for 20 years. He founded Pilar Music School in 1979 and continues to be its director. The aim of Pilar Music School is to impart knowledge of music like Solfeggio, violin, piano, voice training, organ, guitar, percussion drums, brass instruments (trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, etc.) and Indian music to all those who are desirous of learning this fine art. He promotes talents of young artists of Goa through singing, music and dance. Fr Peter is also the Director of " Shubh Sandesh Sangeet Academy" and "Pilar Music Academy". Under his able leadership, this choir has made a name for itself in Goa. All India Radio, Panaji, regularly broadcasts his devotional songs. Fr Peter is involved in a number of committees. He is the Vice-President of the Diocesan Commission for the Sacred Music, a member of the Advisory Board of the Kala Academy and member of the Music Audition Committee of All India Radio, Panaji.

Fr. Peter has a very long list of qualifications. He is a soft-spoken Priest Musician. He has blended simplicity with competency and efficiency. He plays a number of musical instruments and sings religious hymns with Western tunes as well as with Indian Ragas. He was trained in singing under Ms. Leopoldina Figueiredo. He completed L.T.C.L.- Singing through Trinity College - London. He later did his B.MUS (Bachelor In Music) in Hindustani Classical Music through Allahabad University under Pandit Vylaichi and his Orchestration Course at Hofstra University, New York, under Prof. Seymour Benstock.

Francisco Alves  Oct 1999

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