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Goa University Scientist Dr. Nandkumar Kamat writes thus about Dr. Mashelkar : I interviewed Dr. Mashelkar on two occasions for Mumbai TV. I have know him for more than 12 years.  His CVspeaks for itself.

What appeals to me most about him are his human and humane qualities. Recently when I met him at Mashel (Goa),  his place of birth after the felicitation function, over a cup of coffee, he discussed with me the plans to develop Goa and make it a knowledge capital of the country.

He said that 'India is a land of ideas" and US is the "land of opportunities". Stressing on the importance of making India a "land of opportunity" he gave his personal example-how small scholarships enabled him during the days of poverty to complete school and college education. He told me that without making opportunities available to the local talent here in Goa itself, the migration would continue.

Among the several personal qualities of Dr. Mashelkar which I like, is his friendly and disarming attitude and his willingness to discuss the craziest of the ideas with person of any age. He inspires and ignites the students' minds. He is so simple and unassuming. I remember that when I was stranded at Kala Akademy before attending his press conference organised by Goa Union of Journalists (GUJ) in November 2000, he dragged me to his VVIP official car and I accompanied him to the venue at Hotel Mandovi, Panjim, Goa. "I would be able to talk with a young scientist and writer like you, on the way", he said.

Goans we shall feel proud of him and his accomplishments. Dr. Mashelkar may be contacted at his official e-mail address at CSIR headquarters New Delhi <>  His tenure there would be till  2005.

Dr. Nandkumar Kamat
April 10, 2003



  Dr. Raghunath Anant Mashelkar

Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar


2.      Date of Birth:                                        01.01.1943


3.      Present Position : Director General, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, and Secretary, Department of Scientific & Industrial Research,  New Delhi,   India


4.      Positions held:

·         Director, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, INDIA (1989-1995)

·        Scientist in Director’s Grade, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, INDIA (1986-1989)

·         Deputy Director, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, INDIA (1978-1986)

·         Asstt. Director, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, INDIA (1976-1978)

·         Lecturer in Chemical Engineering, University of Salford, UK (1970-1976)

·         Leverhume Research Fellow, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Salford, UK (1969-1970)

·         Director General, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi (13 Nov. 2000 to 24 Dec., 2000) (Additional Charge).


5.      Academic Qualifications:                    B.Chem. Engg. (1966), Ph.D. (1969) (Univ. of Bombay)


6.      Honorary Doctorates in Science and Engineering: 

·         University of Allahabad, Allahabad (2002)

·         University of Wisconsin, USA (2002)

·         Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi (2002)

·         Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune (2002)

·         University of London, UK (2001)

·         Pretoria University, Pretoria, South Africa (2000)

·         Anna University, Chennai (2000)

·         Guwahati University, Assam (2000)

·         Bundelkhand University, Jhansi (2000)

·         University of Delhi, Delhi (1998)

·         Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad (1997)

·         University of Roorkee, Roorkee (1997)

·         University of Kanpur, Kanpur (1995)

·         University of Salford, UK (1993)

7.      Honours by President of India:

·         Padmashri (1991)

·         Padmabhushan (2000)


8.      Election to  Academies and Scientific Bodies (India and Abroad): 

·        Foreign Associate, National Academy of Engineering, USA (2003)

·         Fellow, Royal Society (FRS), London (1998)

·         Fellow, World Academy of Art & Science, USA (2000)

·         Fellow, The Institute of Physics, London (1998)

·         Foreign Member, Royal Academy of Engineering, UK (1996)

·         Fellow, UK Institute of Chemical Engineering (1996)

·         Fellow, Third World Academy of Sciences (1994)

·         Fellow, Indian National Science Academy (1984).

·         Fellow, Indian Academy of Sciences (1983).

·         Fellow, Maharashtra Academy of Sciences (1985).

·         Fellow, National Academy of Engineering (1987).

·         Fellow, National Academy of Sciences (1989).

·         Fellow, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (1992)

·         Fellow, Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) (1998)

·         President, Physical Sciences, National Academy of Sciences (1991).

·         President, Maharashtra Academy of Sciences (1991-94).

·         President, Society for Polymer Science in India (1986-92).

·         President, Indian Society of Rheology (1986-93).

·         Vice-President, Materials Research Society of India (1993-95)

·         Vice-President, Indian Academy of Sciences (1995-2000)

·         General President, Indian Science Congress (1999-2000)

9.      Awards: 

         A.   For Scientific Research:

·         Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Medal  (2001) by Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi;

·         Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award (2001) by Indian Science Congress Association, Calcutta;

·         JEPPIAR Educational Trust Award (2001) by Jeppiar Trust, Chennai;

·         Material Scientist of the Year (2000), by Materials Research Society of India;

·         Mehendra Lal Sircar Lecture Award in Chemical Sciences (1998) by Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Calcutta;

·         Kamal Kumari National Award for Science & Technology (1997) by Kamal Kumari Foundation, Jorhat;

·         Goyal Prize (1996) by Goyal Foundation, Kurukshetra;

·         Raj Kristo Dutt Memorial Award (1995) Indian Science Congress Association;

·         GD Birla Award for Scientific Research (1993);

·         Professor Santappa Silver Jubilee Award (1983) by Society of Polymer Science, Chennai;

·         Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize (1982) for engineering sciences by CSIR, New Delhi;

·         Herdillia Award for 'Excellence in Basic Research' (1982) by Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, Calcutta. 

         B.  For Technology & Industrial Research: 

·         RMK Engineering Award for outstanding work in Science & Technology (2003) by Lakshmikanthammal Educational Trust, Tiruvallur, Chennai

·         Bharat Ratna Dr. M. Visvesvaraya Memorial Award (2002) by Engineers Foundation, Kolhapur

·         H.K. Firodia Award (2000) by H.K. Firodia Foundation, Pune;

·         Atur Sangtani Award (1998) by Atur Foundation, Pune.

·         Durga Prasad Khaitan Memorial Gold Medal (1996) by Asiatic Society, Calcutta;

·         National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) Republic Day Award (1995);

·         OP Bhasin award (1991) by Bhasin Foundation, Delhi;

·         Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru National Award in Engineering & Technology (1991) by Govt. of Madhya Pradesh;

·         Vishwakarma medal (1988) by Indian National Science Academy;

·         Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Award (1987) in physical and mathematical sciences;

·         KG Naik Gold Medal (1985); 

         C.  For Leadership: 

·        IMC Juran Quality Medal (2002) by Indian Merchants Chamber for leadership and continuous involvement as a role model for improvement of quality in CSIR

·         HRD Excellence Award (2002) in the CEO (Non-Corporate) Category by National HRD Network, Birla Management Corpn. Ltd., Mumbai

·         Golden Jubilee Award (1998) by Bank of India, Mumbai for excellence in R&D management

·         JRD Tata Award for Corporate Leadership (1998) by All India Management Association for exemplary leadership provided to CSIR.


         D.  For All Round Excellence: 

·         Maharashtra Ratna Award (2003) by Maharashtra Times, Mumbai for all round excellence

·         Dadabhai Naoroji Memorial Award (2002) by the Dadabhai Naoroji Memorial Prize Trust, Mumbai for contributions to advancing S&T in India

·        Priyadarshani Global Award (2002) by Priyadarshani Academy, Mumbai for promoting S&T

·         Lifetime Achievement Award (2001) by Chemtech Foundation for all time lifetime achievement

·         Abhimanshreemurti (Person of Pride) Award (1999) by Chaturang Foundation, Mumbai for being one of the leading National Role Models;

·         Shri Guruji Puraskar (1998) Jankalyan Samiti, Pune for protecting India’s traditional knowledge.

·         Lifetime Achievement Award (1998), Indian Analytical Instruments Association for lifetime achievement.

·         UDCT Diamond Award (1994) by Department of Chemical Technology, Mumbai;

·         UDCT Outstanding Alumni Medal (1985) as one of the twenty outstanding performers from UDCT in fifty years;


10.    Professorships (Honorary & others) etc.:

·         Honorary Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advancement of Scientific Research (1990  -)

·         GP Kane Professor, University of Bombay (1990).

·         Fellow, University Department of Chemical Technology (1992).

·         Fellow, University of Salford, UK (1992-93);

·         Visiting Professor, University of Delaware, USA (1975-76);

·         Visiting Professor, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby (1982)

·         Honorary Visiting Professor, University of Pune (1985-86).

·         Visiting Professor, University of Delaware, USA (1988)

·         Visiting Fellow, University of Bombay (1985).

·         UGC National Lecturer in Engineering and Technology (1985).  

11.    Chairmanship/Membership of National Level High-Powered Committees/Bodies:
·         Chairman, National Quality Council of India (2002)
·         Chairman, Scientific Advisory Committee on Hydrocarbons, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas (2002)
·         Chairman, National Auto Fuel Policy (2001-)
·         Chairman, Governing Body, National Institute of Pharmaceuticals Education and Research (2001-)
·         Chairman, National Innovation Foundation (2000-)
·         Chairman, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Research Committee, Government of India (2000)
·         Chairman, High Powered Review Committee to review Regional Engineering Colleges (RECs) (1998)

·         Chairman, Inquiry Committee for MGCC Accident, Government of India (1990)

·         Member, Board of Governors of National Council for Applied Economic Research (2001 -)
·         Member, Governing Body, Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (2001-)
·         Member, Prime Minister’s Knowledge Task Force (2000)
·         Member, Scientific Advisory Committee to the Cabinet (1997-)
·         Member, Technology Development Board (1995-2002)
·         Member, Science Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (1988-90)

·         Technical Assessor to one Man Inquiry Commission to Inquire into Bhopal Tragedy, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh (1984)


12.       Board of Directors: 

·         Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd. (1988-90)
·         Haldia Petrochemicals (1990-91)
·         Hindustan Fluorocarbons (1988-90)
·         Maharashtra Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd. (1989-91)
·         Technology Development and Information Company of India (TDICI) Ltd. (1990-97)
·         Technology Board, Industrial Credit and Investments Corporation of India (1991 onwards)
·         ICICI Knowledge Park (1999 -). 


13.    International Bodies/Committees:

·        Member, Consultative Group on Agricultural Research (CGIAR) Working Group on Science Council, World Bank (2002)

·         Member, Review of Chemistry Research in UK Universities (2002)

·        Advisor, Development Gateway’s Knowledge Economy, World Bank, USA (2002)

·         Member, International Commission on Intellectual Property Rights, UK (2001)

·         Member, Review Committee, Chemical Engineering Department, University of Cambridge, UK (2001)

·         Member, Board of Trustees, Medicine for Malaria Venture, Geneva (2001)

·         Chairman, Innovation in Developing World Committee, Third World Academy of Sciences, Trieste (2000)

·         Member, Advisory Board, World Wide Academy (WIPO), Geneva (1999-)

·         Member, Review Committee, Commonwealth Science Council, London (1998)

·         Chairman, Standing Committee on Information Technology (WIPO), Geneva (1998)

·         Member, CSIR (South Africa) International Review Committee (1997)


14.    Scientific Research 

        Made original contributions in diverse areas of polymer science & engineering. The contributions cover scientific investigations on modelling of industrial polymerisation reactors, molecular and convective diffusion phenomena in polymeric media, transport phenomena in swelling, superswelling and shrinking polymers and engineering analysis of non-Newtonian flows. Over 230 scientific research publications, 18 edited books have been published and 28 patents taken.


15.    Leadership in Science and Technology: 

1.      As Director of NCL in 1989-1995, gave a new orientation to NCL’s research      programmes with strong emphasis on globally competitive technologies and international patenting.  NCL began exporting its knowledge even to Europe & USA, the first Indian laboratory to do so, and assumed the role of a global R&D platform.  Also created a polymer science and engineering division in NCL, rated as world class today. 

2.      As Director General of CSIR, gave a new orientation to CSIR.  The white paper “CSIR 2001: Vision & Strategy” set up a new agenda. The story of the transformation of CSIR has been internationally acknowledged.  Its appreciation by the Indian business world, has been captured as a cover page story by Business India in 1998 and also in ‘World Class in India’, a book brought out by Penguin, which has ranked CSIR among the top twelve organisations, who have managed the radical change the best in post-1991 India. 

3.      Was responsible for creating practically a ‘national movement’ on IPR. The contributions have been varied. They include – 

o        Played a crucial role in creating patent awareness in Indian institutions, industry and the government.  Propagated the patent culture from 1989.  NCL is the highest Indian patents holder today.  CSIR’s IPR Management Policy (1996) resulted in its occupying the second position in PCT filings among all the developing nations in 2001. 

o        As a member of the prestigious International IPR Commission set up by UK Government and also as a member of the World Wide Academy of WIPO, played a crucial role in balancing the rights of the poor. 

o        Has helped evolve National Policy on IPR in his capacity as a member of a three member high-powered committee to the Union Minister of Industry on IPR policy (1998-99), as chairman of the high-powered inter-departmental IPR policy committee, etc. (2000-). 

o        Spearheaded the challenge of the successful revocation of the US patent on wound healing properties of turmeric (USP 5,401,5041) in 1996 and chaired the Technical Committee to challenge the revocation of the US patent on Basmati rice (USP 5,663,484) by Ricetec Company, Texas. 

o        As the first Chairman of SCIT of WIPO (1998-99) played a crucial role in piloting the 20m dollars WIPONET project benefiting the developing world and in framing the ‘SCIT vision of the Twentyfirst Century’.  Made a case for treating traditional knowledge on par with industrial property systems, and successfully articulated the case for a Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL).  Fought successfully in changing the International Patent Classification System to include traditional knowledge.

     Dr Mashelkar has published 235 original scientific publications including Fascination of Non-Newtonian fluids (1992); authored 18 scientific books including Reactions and Reaction Engineering (1987) and holds 28 patents including the Processes for the Conversion of esters and amides into corresponding alcohols.

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