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Goa: The Lusitanian connection


Are Goans Liberated?


TGF says,  NO!      June 18, 2001

On December 19 of every year since 1961, flowery speeches are made by politicians, a parade is held and many celebratory functions are held all over the State.

But are Goans truly liberated?[read more]


THE BIG LET DOWN - a TGF editorial
June 18, 2001


While there was general relief that the Salazar era had come to an end, many Goans wondered what the new regime would mean to their own livelihood.  To complicate matters, reports began to trickle out of Looting of Goan shops and Raping of Goan women. [read more]



The 1975 Treaty between Portugal and India

Since the 1975 reproachment Portugal has afforded India significant assistance with regards to access to the European Economic Community.

TGF supports this 1975 treaty between Portugal and India.

More can be gained by being friends, and more lost by continued animosity [more]


Goa Resumes it's Horse Trading Practices !
TGF:  November 7, 2000
(any relevance to events of June 2002?)

About 500 years ago, Goa the main transshipment port for pilgrims to Mecca and for Arabian horses to the subcontinent. In the early 1980s, the horse traders reappeared. This time however, instead of the trade in those lovely  and graceful Arabian horses, the trade was in politicians who crossed floors & political  parties,  while double-crossing their constituents. [read more]


GOA was to be a NATO base !
Harbans Singh:  Mar 19, 2002

The real reason behind decision to liberate Goa perhaps was the intended move of the Portuguese to convert Goa into a NATO Base.  [read more]


It was only a show of strength!

Gabriel de Figueiredo: Mar 21, 2002

So it appears that the "Operation Vijay" was all a show and a trial of strength, rather than "liberation".  Remember the blockade imposed by Nehru in 1954? India closed the borders and severed all communication (including telephonic and telegraphic) with Goa, Damão & Diu. [read more]


Dual Citizenship!
Harbans Singh: April 1, 2002

Yes! You can have your Dabolim airport free of the Navy ( I wonder if you ever raised such a demand to free it from the Portuguese?)

The Goans are very much Indian citizens like any other Indian. Some of them might also be citizens of other nationalities by birth or by domicile. Heard of the concept of “Dual Citizenship”?  [read more]


Were Goans ever given a choice? NO!
Gabriel de Figueiredo: Apr 15, 2002

Dabolim was a civilian airport ever since its inception, up to 19 Dec1961. It, was built by the Portuguese to break the economic blockade imposed on Goa by India, in the early '50s. Were Goans given a choice in the matter? No! [read more]

Churchill Alemao, MP writes to Indian Govt about Dabolim [ read text of letter ]

Since the Navy has its own naval base in Karwar, where they can have their own airport, their departure from Dabolim must be made the core issue by Goans.

Lambert Mascarenhas, former Editor-Navhind Times, Goa. May 1, 2000

Goa has lost Anjediva already, now don't take away our Dabolim!

Constantino Xavier, Lisboa, May 1, 2000


Goans wanted autonomy!
Lino Leitao: Apr 15, 2002

There were Goan intellectuals within and outside of Goa who wanted to secure first an autonomous status for Goa.  [read more]


Politicians and their Promises
Ramesh Anant Dhume: May 14, 2002

Today as we see the prestige of legislative assembly being dragged in the mud, we feel like saying in disgust that the Portuguese governance was far better [read more]


India: a corrupted democracy [read more]
Tony Correia-Afonso: May 16, 2002

There is much talk about revising & reforming the Indian Constitution - perhaps we should think about reforming Indian society first, as this appears to be the classic case of the bad carpenter blaming his tools!


Goa & Goans
TGF: August 20, 2000

Thoroughbred Goans
Lino Leitão : January 21, 2001

Who are the True Goans of today?
TGF: January 9, 2002

Goa, dear Goa
Prof. JP Singh

As I rode through countryside, past images started rolling. The instantaneous recognition of hills, the bends in road, some uniquely shaped trees, the magnificent churches, all added to the feeling of returning home.

One Indian's published view of Goans


Is Goa Liberated?
Livia de Abreu Noronha
May 24, 2002

"One man's meat is another man's poison", and therefore to some Goa is liberated and to others it is still in bondage. [read article]


Handing the reins of power to men of straw

A government which cannot provide basic necessities of life to a small state like Goa is not fit  to rule - MARTINHO FERNANDES  June 1, 2002


How  marginalised people can feel alienated.

Today, the Andaman islands have become a favourite settlement zone for Bangladeshis and south Indians, and the local tribals are feeling marginalised. [read] article from The-Week magazine.  June 2, 2002


ShivSena's Thackarey: Too many Kashmiris in Goa.

Look who is talking !  [ read article]*
May 28, 2002


Freedom Fighters or bandits?

Terrorist actions promoted and assisted by the Indian Union in Goa, Damão and Diu between 1954 and 1961; the Indian Union which hoisted itself to be a pacifist and democratic country did not behave as one [ read article]*
Francisco Monteiro
June 8, 2002

[who is Dr. Froilano]

Dr. Froilano de Mello, the brave Goan  nationalist who told Salazar : It is time to go & leave Goans to manage Goa.  He is  conveniently forgotten.

Society: Culture, Religion & Freedom link coming soon!



General Vassalo e Silva, the last Portuguese Governor of Goa. He worked hard for the development of Goa, resisted Salazar's orders, saved Goa from destruction, and suffered as a result.  Are Goans being told anything about him? June 4, 2002  [read]



Nehru acted for the best
Harbans Singh:  Apr 20, 2002

What was un-natural (and it still is!) is that the Portuguese should consider their ex-colonies as part of their own country. Goans, on their own free will have adopted the Indian Constitution and sworn allegiance to it. [read more]


Perhaps! but look what happened next! 
Kakodkar blocked in bid to bring Nehru ashes to Goa.
[read the story which incensed Goa Chief Minister D.B. Bandodkar]
Ben Antao:  Navhind Times, June 6, 1964


Atleast Goans look like Indians!
Nitin Singh : Apr 21, 2002

Please do not short change the Indian culture. Goan culture also was part of the Indian culture before the arrival of the Portuguese. [read more]


So then, WHY.....the nagging debate?
José Colaço : May 3, 2002

Dual citizenship is a sham. No one person can truly be a citizen of two countries. It is worth understanding why an economically stable Goan would opt to give up Indian Nationality and return to Portuguese. [read more]


The so called Liberation of Goa
Imran Farooqui: May 11, 2002

Only a Goan can gauge as to what he has won or lost since the so called Liberation. [read more]


Why the Debate - a response to JC
Harbans Singh: May 11, 2002

Goa had always been a part of India. It is only after the Portuguese occupation a few centuries ago that it came to be considered otherwise. [read more]


Why the Debate - a response to Harbans
TGF: May 13, 2002

Goans must be made to feel as equal members of the Indian family. No appropriately qualified & experienced Goan should be shunted into some subordinate post with a non Goan brought in to LORD over the Goan. [read more]


TGF! Why do you disagree with my views?
Imran Farooqui: May 15, 2002

Ever since the so called Liberation, Goa has achieved nothing but economic decline. [read more]


Why TGF disagrees with some of Imran's views. TGF May 16, 2002

To say that Goa has achieved nothing but economic decline since 1961 is not only incorrect but also patently prejudicial .[read more]


I disagree with Imran's viewpoint .
Nitin Singh: May 16, 2002

Instead of wishing that “Goa could have basked in the Portuguese glory” it is time that we Goans stand on our own feet and create a “glory” all our own. [read more]


TGF's post has fallacies
Nitin Singh: May 21, 2002

Did I actually read “communal harmony” as one of the credits of the Portuguese rule?

What I fail to understand is what is SO insulting about the word “Goanese”.   Is it really THAT offensive?  I am hoping TGF can shed some light on this. [read ]


Sometimes, it helps to read carefully!
TGF: May 22, 2002 [TGF's response]


TGF !refrain from summarily rejecting any points of view ! [article]*
Harbans Singh: May 23, 2002


Goans in need of a quantum shift
S.Badwal 23 May 2002

If the development & well being of Goa and Goans is at the very heart of some people, then let them preach hard work sacrifice and foresight rather than otherwise. Development & success need a lot of hard work and relaxed life can not be expected & enjoyed all the times. [article]*


Even if Mr. Prabhudesai “doesn’t miss an opportunity to slam the Portuguese”... [article]*
Nitin Singh: May 24, 2002


Ineffective Indian blockade of Goa, Hippies and a communal harmony that came into being [article]*
Nitin Singh: May 25, 2002


Nitin Singh's limp defence of India and his myopic vision of Goa. [article]

Please never compare the Marwaris, Malabaris and Madrasis with the Goans. The entire world is aware of the difference.

For your information, there is a beautiful Portuguese term for a Goan : Go'es (Goan) and Go'eses (Goans), NOT Goanese. Please, avoid being influenced by pseudo-intellectuals.
Imran Farooqui
Dubai - UAE, June 3, 2002


My turn now, Mr. Farooqui! [read more]*

So, you have decided that I am NOT a Goan just based on my name!  Going by your name do I conclude that you are a Pakistani?
Nitin Singh: June 24, 2002


*indicates:  TGF comment added at foot of  article

Yes.....that is how we are at the moment! as we try to update this website while at the same time, doing what we otherwise HAVE to do!




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