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World Goa Day August 20, 2006

Portugal honours Goan Abade Faria - the Father of Hypnotism


Dear all,

We at TGF have joined with Rene Barreto and his World Goa Day group, this time to celebrate the 250th birth Anniversary of the father of hypnotism - Abade Faria. There is NO better theme to celebrate World Goa day 2006 than this landmark anniversary of our own Goan Abade Faria.

TGF invites ALL Goans and Goan Associations all over the world to join the World Goa Day team and honour Abade Faria, and in return our own rich Goan heritage. If you submit details of your activities to TGF at or , we'd be happy to place those details (albeit in a reformatted form) on this website.

The following excerpted e-note from stalwart Goan Jorge de Abreu Noronha of Oeiras, Portugal is self explanatory.

May 27, 2006

From Jorge de Abreu Noronha 5/27/06

It gives me great pleasure to let you know that "CTT - Correios de Portugal" is going to put into circulation on the 31st of this month, 250th birth anniversary of Abbe Faria, a postcard ("inteiro postal") depicting the Abbe's statue in Panjim, and that on that very day one will be able to obtain, at their Philatelic Department, a commemorative stamp.

I understand that, for the purpose, high resolution photographs of the said monument in Panjim were supplied by Cecil Pinto and Isabel Santa Rita Vaz.

I am attaching JPGs of both the postcard and the commemorative stamp.

Regards to all. - Jorge


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