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PUBLIC SINS, PRIVATE LUCRE, GOA DAMNED  Valmiki Faleiro writes: Goa’s stink would put a skunk to shame. Never was the awful stench of corruption in public life so overpowering, so intense, so pervasive. Originating from ministerial chambers in the State Secretariat, bribe culture permeated down to the lowest rung of Government functioning. So rampant it today is that we, the people, have accepted it as ‘A way of life.’ [ Read More]

RES IPSA LOQUITUR:  Is it OK to lie and furthermore to justify what is not true ? [ TGF does not believe so]

Goa's Road Traffic Department issues Licenses to Kill and Maim? Valmiki Faleiro writes:  Gone are the days when driving schools hardly existed in Goa and road fatalities were rare.  But there were men like Cruz and Dixit, who conducted stringent driving tests before issuing a licence. [Read More]

Portuguese Citizenship for eligible Goans  - Hopes, misconceptions, and what EU Law provides - TGF.   What follows is a brief summary of the Law as it stands to the Employment safeguards with regard to EU citizens.  [Read More]

A Shocker from Chennai ! -   Chetan Chauhan, Hindustan Times: A  study in Chennai has found that as many as 42 per cent of school-going children are victims of sexual abuse. And in most of the cases, the perpetrators are either close relatives or family members.

Goa’s appalling road sense- 3  by Valmiki Faleiro:  Expert driving alone does not make safe drivers. *Road sense,* coupled with fair skill, would avert bulk of road carnage – emerging, slowly but inexorably, as Goa’s major tragedy.

A tribute to Anjediva's Poristhar - by Anthony Baretto: Born on 4 October 1912, Poristhar completed his Segundo Grau and started a career in the military.  His next posting was as Commander on Anjediv for 16 years and new the place like the back of his hand. “I spent the best years of my life on the Anjediv Island. Life was full of excitement,” he would add nostalgically.

Goa’s appalling road sense-2   by Valmiki Faleiro:  India with 10 million vehicles has 87,000 accidents a year.  Japan with 74 million vehicles has 8,400.  Goa, with a fraction of a single million vehicles, has 3,000+ reported accidents per annum!  Sadly, that’s where we stand.

Driving Skills in Goa: What Driving Skills?  by Valmiki Faleiro : Bad roads and too many vehicles do not cause accidents. People who drive them do. Abysmal driving skills and an appalling lack of road sense are the conjoined twins primarily responsible for death and misery on Goa’s roads.  

Goa’s appalling road sense-1   by Valmiki Faleiro : Lack of good driving skills is one part of Goa’s problem. The other is our appalling road sense.....

Violence is Never the Answer - TGF

It is a sad commentary on those in the power-blocs who fomented this atmosphere of communalism, those in the press who should have known better but decided to stick their ostrichoid heads into the sand, the educated who should have anticipated wisely but chose to follow instead of leading, and all those who sold their souls for a few pieces of silver.

Portuguese Nationality 2006   - Livia de Abreu Noronha

Best of luck to all the Goans who are anxious to get through this ordeal, which should have really been a smooth one, "punn bhaile lokhan piddar konn ghallem". As a Catholic I will say "Devan tumkam sogleank adhar dinvum".

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